Do you deliver?
-Yes, we can do next day delivery within Metro Manila via third party delivery partners. Some items might not be available for long distance delivery to maintain quality of the dishes.

Can I order from abroad and send it to my family in Manila?
-Yes, we accept foreign credit cards as mode of payment.

What happens if I receive damaged/wrong items?
-You may reach out to us through Viber, Facebook Massenger, Instagram Direct Message, email or through the numbers provided within 15 minutes after recieving the items. To file a formal complaint, kindly secure the following:
>> Photo of online order and receipt
>> Photo of items recieved
Depending on the case, management will be able to respond within the day.

Are you open 24 hours?
-We are open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM and we will accept online orders until 8:00 PM for an ample lead time.

Is it possible to cancel my order or to make a request?
-Orders cannot be cancelled once paid. For order concerns, you may reach us through our "Contact us" page.

Can I cancel my order if the delivery takes too long?
-We will not be responsible of delivery progress. Once orders are placed and paid, our third party service provider will be in charge. However, customers must consider the time, distance and weather after placing orders as these will greatly contribute to the delivery time.

Is bulk ordering possible?
-For 10 items  above, please contact us through the details provided in our "Contact us" page. For this kind of transaction, we require 50% down payment and no cancellation.